Vermilion PLC


The Board is pleased to announce securing Vermilion Plc as Bastion’s latest client.


Founded in 1994, Vermilion Plc is Canada’s leading oil and gas producer.  They have been recognized as a top decile performer amongst Canadian publicly listed companies in governance practices and as a Climate "A" List performer by the CDP.


In 1997, Vermilion took the step of expanding internationally through the acquisition of oil-producing assets in France. Since that time, Vermilion has continued to add assets to its portfolio focusing on three core regions: North America, Europe and Australia.


Today, Vermilion has assets of USD 4,502 million, over 600 employees worldwide and has achieved a consistent record of market out-performance. The company is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).


Bastion were chosen by the Vermilion Board to insure its European programme.

Latest NEWS

New Licenses


Bastion has recently secured applications for the following business classes:

Class 8 - Fire and natural forces, Class 9 - Other damage to property, Class 13 - General liability.


Bastion is currently in the process of securing 2 new licences, which will bring the total number of classes to 8.